Dieppe Kite International

We took the kids to the Kite Competition in Dieppe, NB. A carnival was set up on one side of the park at a relatively low cost for rides. The kids all wanted to go on a couple rides - even while it was raining. I guess rides have that strong of an appeal!

Before it started raining, a field nearby offered trick kite demonstrations which I really enjoyed. Five kites (each made up with 12 kites strung together) were flown in unison to music by a group from Michigan. A man from Québec then demonstrated a similar feat with three kite groups on his own. Another Canadian showed some pretty amazing control with a single trick kite, including the ability to set it to flightfrom the ground and land it repeatedly.

Prior to that, the kids went to a large tent and decorated their own kites for free and then flew them with the little wind that there was - which made the pros look even better with how well their kites flew.

The festival lasted almost a week. It is the largest of its kind in the world.

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