Christian Tour Part 5: Baptist

A group of men from churches in Albert County, NB were the first team received by Impact Ministries in Guatemala when we arrived in the fall of 2005. Many of them attend the Hillsborough Baptist Church so I decided to visit them on Sunday.

The building they meet in is over 100 years old and is stunning! The room is a large square with a vaulted wooden ceiling. The altar is set into a corner flanked by a pipe organ and a wall sized stained glass window. Speaking with one of the volunteers following the service I learned that the monthly heating and electrical costs are $3000 causing much stress on the congregation and giving some of them a reason to build a new church (I suggested investing in energy efficient alternatives).

Choruses and hymns were sang with the aid of PowerPoint, a piano and drums. An offering and children's story preceded the sermon on listening to God. The church is looking for a pastor as their pastor of 20 years retired. Two elderly women shared a song and then communion was shared by the passing of bread and grape juice.

I was greeted by Bruce, Gary, and Merton when I walked in and following the service I saw Danny, Merle and Richard all from that first team of men. Thanks for the blessing guys!

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Dan the Man said...

Our church is changing our oil furnace for a natural gas one this summer. We'll probably save 3-4K per year on the spread of efficiency as well as fuel costs. With rebate from the gas company, payback is 2-3 years.

Much better payback than building a new building.