Bouctouche: Irving Arboretum

We had the great privilege of visiting the Irving Arboretum in Bouctouche, NB. New Brunswick tycoon J.D. Irving (oil refinery, logging, paper mill) is the patron of the gardens and forest.

Walking paths take visitors through forests planted with 5000 varieties of trees and lovely fields with flower gardens that rival Butchart Gardens in BC.

Also located in the public park is the non-denominational Irving Memorial Chapel. The woodwork and stained glass is marvellous.

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Debby said...

It's beautiful....funny when we were Hippies in the 70's I never would have envisioned JD Irving doing such beautiful things and appreciating them... it's nice to see that he did nice things with all his millions...it was kind of a Hippie mentality to be against materialism and ultra rich. I appreciate now when super rich people use their money to enrich the lives of others.