World AIDS Day - December 1

Extend your hand to help the millions of children orphaned by AIDS and those afflicted with the disease itself.
World AIDS Day site offers an opportunity to give
World Vision has many excellent programs reaching AIDS orphans around the world
Seed of Hope where my buddy Carl works in South Africa is right in the middle of the epidemic
I ordered a book called The Skeptics Guide to the Global AIDS Crisis a couple months ago, not because I was a skeptic, but rather just to be more informed so that I could inform others with some degree of authority. A couple stats stung me:
the life expectancy in Botswana, Africa dropped from 65 years to 40 within 15 years

every day 1,500 additional children are infected with HIV

by 2010, it is estimated that there will be 25,000,000 AIDS orphans in the world
I choose to do something about it.


Sirdar said...

Ummm...what did you do?

Zaak said...

I didn't say I did anything. I said I choose to do something.

But, I am (1) informing myself (2) informing people (3) donating money to organizations who are directly addressing the catastrophe (4) working in the field of development which I plan to apply in some capacity to future work in relief of the AIDS pandemic and development within that.

Dawn said...

Wow, those are staggering numbers. Thanks for the information.