My buddy Edwin who works for the ministry too came by this afternoon. He told me about a family in Chicoy. The father died of an illness very abruptly on Tuesday. The mother was very ill and needed medicine and he had a list of the three medicines.

I looked up the stuff and phone a doctor friend in Canada because one of the medicines couldn't be found in Tactic. Got the medicines together and went with Edwin to Chicoy to see this widow, a mother of a couple of our students. We got the story there.

The husband was in the army and contracted a couple venereal diseases when he was away. He passed these on to his wife who now suffers and could possibly die. The man's brothers accuse the poor woman of being the one who got him sick.

I wrote about this woman's sister a couple weeks ago. Her husband was murdered five years ago.


dawn said...

It is sad how it happens in so many cultures where the woman is blamed for something she had no control over. I hope she can get well again.

Sirdar said...

I hope the drugs work for her. Hopefully you have seen her early enough.

Amber said...

Totally heart-breaking. Makes me so so so thankful for a faithful husband, loyal family, and my health!