Well of Emotions

Today was exciting and tiring and hilarious and heartbreaking and frustrating and inspiring. It was training day for the the 60 stoves that we are going to install in people's homes. I wrote about this before when we trained in March and installed in July.

I was a little frustrated at how slowly the training went and despit having 48 of the familes showing up at the two sessions, the facilitator would only certify 16 at each one, so we've got to have another two next week.

But at the same time I was inspired at how many of the women responded to the stoves and expressed an eagerness in receiving and learning.

I had to laugh when two of the women demonstrated what they were learning came forward with babies tied to their backs. There they were moving heavy concrete blocks.

I'm excited to see so many families getting these stoves. It will save them up to 1/6 of their monthly income or days of work each month buying or collecting firewood. And it will get the smoke out of their kitchens.

This is one of our students. She's deaf. She's also got a gorgeous smile. Her sponsors got her an appointment with some hearing specialists and now she has this hearing aid in both ears and she has some hearing now. I need to find out how much, but I was excited to see her with this as I was managing her account. Her family is also getting a stove.

This is what people paid. A mixture of down payments and full payments.

I was heartbroken when an old woman caring for her orphaned niece and nephew explained that she has no money and probably won't be able to pay. There's no way she's not getting a stove. I was just as heartbroken as I spent the morning and afternoon with dirty, poorly dressed and sick babies. I'm so blessed to be able to provide for my children.

Working in Guatemala, I have to keep my emotions at an arms length most of the time just so I can get my job done. It sneaks up on me sometimes.


Petra said...

How much does a stove cost?

Anonymous said...

Big Hug from Mom.
I am proud to what you are doing..I know you have a tender heart and it must be hard to keep your emotions at arms length....and I was also wondering how much does a stove cost...same as Petra.

Zaak said...

Stoves are $115 (either currency will work).

This project involves about 60 stoves. We'll get another project rolling in May or June for other stoves that are donated.

dawn said...

I think that I would run into trouble keeping my emotions in check. I seem really crusty, but really I am a softy inside. It is tough keeping this facade up when there is hurt going on around me. Keep up the good work. You have people thinking of and praying for you and the people you are helping.

I can relate to how excited those women are to get a new wood cook stove.

Sirdar said...

It is great what you are doing down there. Keep it up. This is obviously your calling. And I too would have trouble with emotions...