On Tuesday, Amber discovered that there was mold forming on our car rug. There was no question that our car smelled musty, but mold is another issue for me.

So we gutted the entire car to get the rug out for a scrubbing and drying. It took quite a while, but I think it was worth it.

The spare tire well in our trunk periodically fills up with water and the water leaks into the back seat and onto the floor of the car causing a very moist car. At least that's the theory. I punched some nail holes into the bottom of the trunk to give the water somewhere else to go.

I was worried for the last couple nights that someone might actually come and steal our seats. No one did. Though someone untied both my goats this afternoon...

Amber, Blaise and I installed the carpet, panels and seats this afternoon. Just one screw was missing in the end. Here's to a moldfree car for the next while!


Petra said...

That must have been quite a bit of work. I had a can of concentrated orange juice ferment and explode under my passenger seat when I was in highschool. (silly story) It took forever to get the whole car clean. Good job. And did your goats wander away or did they stay around?

Zaak said...

Rotten oranges are rank. Our church sold oranges when I was in high school and those last few boxes always had some rot.

One goat stuck really close to where I had tied her. The other was by the car just as I was going to put it all together again. She paused for about 5 seconds staring at me and then took off running. Fortunately, she had a long rope that I could catch.

dawn said...

Glad you found the problem with the mustiness in your car, hopefully the holes in the trunk will help. That looks like a lot of work to clean it out. We used to keep a long rope on the big dog so she was easier to catch. She also seemed to have a sense that if the rope was on, she was tied to the yard somehow. She was a big problem when the rope was off.

Debby said...

when you guys were home for christmas some goat milk spilled on the front passenger rubber matt.I thought I had cleaned it fine till spring arrived...and the milk that had seeped under the rubber matt started to go sour...I kept wondering what the smell was...my lunch or something...finally investigated....it was alot of work...but worth it....so, I an imagine how you felt after it was all done.