Choked Back

Two weeks ago my ISP knocked on my door and explained that because he had taken on new clients, he was going to have to limit my internet consumption to 250 MB/day. He said that up until now, for the 18 months that I had been 'enjoying' the service, I had not had any limits while others had been locked down to 100 MB/day. He said that on occasion I pushed 1 GB and even went over 1 GB once.

Now, when I go over my limit my internet service dies for about 20 hours. This happened a couple Sundays ago. I was sad.

So I got me a little net monitor to make sure that never happens again. I've been maintaining about 100 MB/day (up and downloads combined). Blogging, emailing, shopping, facebooking, downloading software updates, maintaining zaakistan.com, getting podcasts (a big consumer of bandwidth), and getting The Office episode every week (if it ever resumes), and reading other people's blogs now has to be done carefully. With bridled restraint.

It hurtses.


Sirdar said...

Oh no!! And I thought mine was left wanting....

Here is an idea...start your own ISP :-)

Dawn said...

Wow, good idea to get a meter. Very painful to loose service for a time because you didn't notice going over.

Zaak said...

Starting my own ISP would cost thousands of dollars in set up and since I'm only here for another 6 months... not worth it.

Just this week though, it's been tempting as my service was cut off for a week as they set up new antennas. Rrrrg.