"You gotta be pretty bold to think that mankind is going to destroy what God has created. The earth is way above us. The only way the earth is going to be destroyed is when God says in His word when He turns it loose, when He makes a new heaven and a new earth. Emissions from a car's not gonna do that. Even atomic bomb's not gonna do that. The world is not gonna be destroyed by man; the world's gonna be destroyed by God and God says "you do what I ask you to do until I get back here to do that. So that's where my stand is. I think this [the environmental issue] is a waste of time for us to be discussing and arguing and being separate on the issue of global warming."
- Ken Hutcherson (from his interview with Hugh Duncan from his Nuclearity podcast. Hutcherson is a former football star and current pastor of Antioch church in Washington. He is also a strong voice against gay and lesbian rights in the USA.)
"I was asked, 'Would you defend Hitler?' I said, 'I'd even defend Bush! But only if he agrees to plead guilty.'" [translated from French]
- Jacques Verg├Ęs (He is a famous French defence lawyer who defended Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie (the Butcher of Lyons) , Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy, and Carlos the Jackal a Venezuelan terrorist. He is the subject of a new documentary Terror's Advocate.)


Petra said...

That first quote just doesn't make sense. :) Was god okay with us destroying Hiroshima? But the second quote is hilarious.

Sirdar said...

The first quote is really kind of thought provoking. Not saying that I agree but he makes you think a bit.

The second quote is pretty funny!!

dawn said...

I have to agree with thought provoking. I agree that we can't totally destroy what God has made without his provision, but doesn't the bible call us to be good steward's and take care of things.

The second quote, funny.

Both quotes show how different people can perceive things.