Mounting Anticipation

Twelve movies that I'm looking forward to seeing:

Dan in Real Life: because it was written by the same guy who wrote What's Eating Gilbert Grape, About a Boy, and Pieces of April (Amber's favorite) and it stars Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche.

Be Kind Rewind: because Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind writer/director also made this one - plus it stars Jack Black, Danny Glover, and Mos Def.

I'm Not There: because it is dedicated to exploring the person of Bob Dylan by having several characters play the different sides of him - Richard Gere, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchette, Heath Ledger play some of them.

When Did You Last See Your Father: because it's a British drama and it stars some fabulous actors and it deals with fatherhood and sonship.

In the Valley of Elah: because Canadian Academy Award winner director/writer of Million Dollar Baby and Crash, Paul Haggis, made it and it stars Tommy Lee Jones whom I have a newly found respect for stars, and it deals with the Iraq war.

Superbad: because I'm a sucker for heartfelt gross teen movies and I liked 40 Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up.

Into the Wild: because Sean Penn makes great films and this looks like a really fabulous film about man in community.


King Corn: because it deals with agriculture, one of the world's most eaten grains, and the economic strings attached.

The 11th Hour: because presents a question I'd like to deal with in my current project which is how we as westerners consume and if it is feasible to reduce our consumption and what the environmental consequences are if we don't reduce it.

An Unreasonable Man: because it explores the world of Ralph Nader, the guy people blame for Al Gore losing and GW Bush winning 7 years ago and the principles that drive him.

No End in Sight: because it is a comprehensive look at the fateful beginnings of the Iraq invasion and why it was doomed to begin with.

Terror's Advocate: because a little know historical figure is interviewed on why he was able to aptly defend horrific criminals in the name of justice.


Petra said...

I can't wait to see "Into the Wild". The book was awesome. Hopefully the movie will be just as good.

April said...

You should check out Johnny Depp's latest... a musical! He's playing Sweeny Todd, a barber out for revenge. It looks interesting; Tim Burton again.

April said...

Superbad was pretty superstupid... suprpisingly crass with too much swearing for me... but funny in a stupid way

dawn said...

I don't really keep up on movies. The kids however have been watching trailers since we got the Mac. I can see you will be seeing a lot of shows next visit to Canada.

Amber said...

Count me in for all of the above except Superbad:) A new Johnny Depp movie eh? Right on!

Sirdar said...

As Dawn noted, we don't see a lot of movies...just trailers.

jefferyjustin said...

just saw valley of elah and it was great.
good war time movie.

Debby said...

I'm looking forward to "Dan in Real life"...and thanks for the ideas for good movies to see. I often feel like seeing a movie but don't know what to choose...not that I have gobs of time to watch movies...but it would sure be nice to see a good one! I usually enjoy anything that you recommend....by the way "Super Bad" has recieve rave reviews as being very funny for that sort of movie...the author wrote it when he was a teen!