I prescribed amoxicilan to a boy yesterday and robaxacet to a woman today. I produced a video report for a donor to a building project two days ago. I translated a church service last Saturday from Spanish to English. I chauffeured some people to Guatemala City last weekend. I fixed a couple errors on the website a couple days ago. I delivered shoes to three schools over the past 4 days. I photographed some graduation ceremonies. I introduced sponsors to the children they sponsor for 3 days. I designed a promotional display for Impact Ministries. I advised my supervisor this afternoon on some management issues we will have next year. I toured a short term mission team on a cultural experience on Monday night. I managed some spending and submitted receipts on Monday.


Sirdar said...

You are one busy boy...but it sure beats working eh? If it was work, you wouldn't enjoy what you do.

Debby said...

as usual Sirdar took the words out of my mouth...busy boy
that's amazing that you can prescribe medication! Dr. Zaak!

dawn said...

Wow, you have been very busy. A lot of running around. Sounds very tiring, if you ask me.