Internet Gold

Steve let me know about this cool game over at Free Rice. You play a vocabulary game and the website donates rice based on how well you do. Of course, I think the website is making a killing on this because of the big name adverts.

For those who like to stick it to the Man, this is a site that helps you stick it to the right Man. Better World Shopper investigates which corporations behave best and worst and lets us know who we would prudently not support with our dollars. I got the iPod deal, which is just a bunch of pictures that you have on your iPod while you shop; it lets you quickly reference the good guys and the bad guys.

Têtes à Claques is a Québecois website that caught fire a year ago and is now the most popularly viewed piece of entertainment viewed in Québec (including TV). If you don't speak French, I'm not sure how entertaining it is, but it is a riot if you do understand. Brilliant piece of indie-web-entertainment à la Homestarrunner and Salad Fingers. (and they're not gonna sell out either).

High Definition Last Supper. Forget your little 7 Megapixel cameras. This image is at 16,000 Megapixels, or 16 Gigapixels or 16 billion dots. This portion of the image is at 5%.

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Debby said...

I watched the Tetes a Claques on Salome's wall. I've forgotton alot of french but still found it very funny.