The Genius of Radiohead

Amber showed me some news she got in her Daily Good this morning. Radiohead is selling their latest album only from their website. This means no record company. This alone is revolutionary - a band of that stature leaving the stability of a record company to become independent again. In reality, record companies are becoming redundant these days when you consider that online advertising and sales are so quickly growing.

The real genius though is that people can pay what they want for the downloadable album - even nothing if they want. Considering bands only end up with about 30% of album sales, this is hardly going to hurt them. If people pay $5 on average for the album, they still come out ahead. Plus, they don't really need the money and their music will get out even further. They'll make even more money on tour later on because their album will be in more people's hands.

It comes out October 10 only at radiohead.com.


Sirdar said...

That is an awesome find. I wish more bands would do that. I'll have to check it out.

dawn said...

I think more bands will end up doing it. It is a great idea, for all the points you made.

Amber said...

I guess this means I need to start listening to Radiohead's music now - dang!