Visitors, Crawlers, and Geography

On occasion I like to get an idea of how many people visit my website and what pages are visited most often. The stats give me an idea of which days there was the most traffic (like last Sunday after I sent an email to family and friends that I had posted a bunch of photos).

Two things don't work too well with these stats:
  • pictures that I post on my blog monopolize the stats for most visited URLs because my blog gets more traffic than my website and the photos are stored on my website
  • 75% of the surfing on my site comes from Web Crawlers
Now, I know the web crawlers do a service, they allow people to find my site based on searches, like these ones: her ankle, tan lines, zaakistan.com, abbadie de saint-castin, amber isaguirre, amber pacific, amber tan, amber hay, anne van nostrand, ben pyper universe, bronze cross, exerpts from chicken soup for the teenage soul, fireweed souvenirs, madokawondo

I added ClustrMaps to my website a couple months ago. I like this one because it localizes where people are visiting my site from. For instance, I know now that my relatives do indeed visit my site from Vancouver, central Alberta, Montreal, New Brunswick, Florida, and China. I can also assume that the dozens of visitors from the midwestern USA are actual web crawlers. Then there are the international visitors like us in Guatemala, friends in South Africa (hi Waldrons), Romania (hi Chels), Peru (hi Victoria and Anna), and Germany (hi Steffi).

There are a few mysterious ones like Switzerland and the one on the edge of Hudson's Bay. Maybe they are the ones searching for tan lines and her ankle.


dawn said...

I too find the stats interesting. I have been quite amazed at the people who are visiting from different places and come from someone else's blog. It truly is overwhelming and I think that my blog name gets me more visitors too, something I didn't consider when coming up with the name.

Sirdar said...

YOu sure get a lot of hits. Interesting you don't get a lot of comments from them.

I have cluster maps too. It is interesting to see where people who drop in are from. I had set my blog to block search engines but allow normal visitors. I just turned on to allow my blog to "appear in search engines like Google and Sphere, and in public listings around WordPress.com."

You can click on my stats to see that I don't get nearly as many as you.

Mary and Steve said...

I like the stats too, but I was wondering who our blog visitor was from Florida. The webcrawler makes more sense.