This is a day worth celebrating!

I think it is cool that we get to live through two palindromic years - 1991 and 2002. The next one is in 105 years.


Debby said...

All day at my till at work...people would write checks and ask the date...and I'd excitedly point out that it was the 7th day of the 7th month of 07!!!!!!! Oh yeah...that's great!....and there are alot of weddings today! yeah, that was cool and memorable...imagine being born today!

dawn said...

I forgot what palindromic meant so had to look it up. I then said to myself "Ahh.. I knew that, where is my memory going'. I did know about the special date yesterday. We had a couple of baptisms at church and the one girl was celebrating her birthday with her baptism-very cool. For the next 2 years there will be 4 years there will be some dates like todays. I know someone who was born 9-9-1999. That was a cool date too.

Sirdar said...

I saw in the paper that many people got married this past weekend. I guess it means something if you are superstitious.

Marta said...

Hi Zaak

I had to ask jeff what palindromic means. I was trying to guess, but getting it wrong.

Zaak said...

Oh, and a couple other cool years we've lived through are 1999 and 2000. Not too many turns of the the millenium.

If I live another 328 years, I'll get to see the year 2345.