Trip to Salamá

This little afternoon/evening trip marked the first time I had been anywhere new in Guatemala for a very long time. Vicky invited us to go to Salamá and meet her relatives and eat boshból.

Salamá is the capital city of the department of Baja Verapaz. It is much hotter, cleaner, and prettier than our capital, Cobán. We walked around the city market and central square for an hour and a half, then made our way to San Miguel Chicaj about 10 minutes further.

We met up with Vicky, Eldin, Mercedez, Belén, and their relatives in San Miguel and were promptly served a corn drink (sweet like cream of corn) and boshból. Boshból is a squash leaf wrapped around some corn dough that is then boiled. A spicy red sauce is added to it. It reminded me quite a bit of fiddleheads.

We got in at 9 pm. Blaise didn't sleep a wink the whole trip home.

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Grandma Deb said...

Looks gorgeous and sounds delicious! It's good to get out and do something new!