The Swamp

Blaise and I kicked the soccer ball back and forth a bit in our driveway before supper. He's quite a good kicker, though he enjoys carrying the ball in his hands too. He says "One, Three, Five, Goal!" before kicking.

He smartly suggested we play in the grass and I agreed, not so wisely. Our front yard is a swamp, only when it rains though. It rains almost every day.

We got our feet wet.


Amber said...

Ha! Only a swamp when it rains, but it rains everyday - you're so right! And so funny:)

dawn said...

That reminds me of the ground at our Canada Day eve party. Unfortunately it had a unique smell as it was partly run-off from the corrals. It has been raining here fairly regularly. It is cool and rainy right now in fact, but is suppose to warm up a little later.

Debby said...

Blaise can kick a soccer ball now!? he's getting so big! Is there a new fence around your yard now? Or was that there when I was there?