Papa's Day #2

Amber put together a splendid father's day for me. I was nearly as pampered as the kids. It was my second year as a father (my first year we hiked to a waterfall) and already look more haggard (see above photo).

The dear mother of my children got a DVD* for me and let me watch all 6 episodes on the disc throughout the day. We went out for brunch and played at the playground outside the restaurant. Amber cooked up my favorite pumpkin soup with biscuits. Then after the lambs were in bed, we watched Pan's Labrynth (superb!!).

My papa wasn't home all day so I couldn't call him. Besides there was no signal on our phones most of the day anyway. I'm going to call him later today.

I only had to change 2 diapers the whole day too!

* Thanks Saison for picking it up and thanks Tureena for bringing it to Guate. The DVD was The Office, Season 1


Mom said...

Happy Father's day Zaak!! You are a great Papa! You do look a little tired though in the photo....I'm glad that you had a special day! I was working and only realized it was fathers' day while I was at work. So here's a big belated hug for my son on Father's day!

dawn said...

Happy Father's Day. Sounds like a great day. Glad you able to enjoy some of your favourite things on that day.

April said...

Good stuff! Glad you can check off another life goal! Now it's time to grow a moustache isn't it? Father of two?