Disney DVD Deal

Between movies #1 and #2, and right after eating a quick supper, I shot into an appliance store that also sells movies. You know, just to see if there were any deals. Before I could get to the shelf with adult movies - by adult I don't mean pornography, I mean not for children - I ran accross a big shelf that had a sign "Liquidation of Disney Movies."

I'm not a big big fan of Disney movies. My sisters watched The Little Mermaid religiously when we were kids and I laughed when I saw Aladdin. But I never sang Disney movies or watched one over and over again.

So this shelf had about 50 different titles - most of them straight to video sequels of originals, but some were the classics like Dumbo and Pinocchio. The more I looked around, I found more really great cartoons - some recent ones too like Chicken Little and The Emperor's New Groove. They were selling for Q43 ($6.14 & no tax, no shipping). From what I remember in Canada, Disney movies sell for $25 and old movies only come around every 15 years or so.

So I did the only thing any film-addicted parent would do: I bought every original theatre release they had: 19. I may never have to buy another Disney DVD again. Sweet.


dawn said...

It is great to have the DVD's at the ready for those times when the kids need some quiet time or the kids friends are over and the parents need some quiet time. Our kids have enjoyed many of those movies, some of them a lot of times.

Sirdar said...

You may not appreciate them now but Blaise and Acadia will when they get a bit older.