Action, Action, or Action

I will spend tomorrow afternoon and evening at Proceres, a mall in Guatemala City. I'm picking a friend up a the airport at 5 AM on Tuesday, so we're heading in early because driving in the dark is scary and it might take 8 hours to do a 3 hour trip, you never know!!

So, at Proceres, there's a nine screen cinema where they play English language movies with Spanish subtitles. I saw The Last King of Scotland there a few months back and so I am excited to return and perhaps pull off a triple-feature. I just looked up what is playing there and I'm mildly enthused. I'm wishing there were more compelling dramas, but alas! I'm stuck with 3 of 7 films playing in all of Guatemala:
1. Piratas del Caribe 3
2. Spiderman 3
3. Panico en Alta Mar* (Adrift)
4. Crank, Muerte Anunciada** (Crank)
5. Prueba de Fe*** (The Reaping)
6. El Tirador (Shooter)
7. Exterminio 2 (28 Weeks Later)
Looks like I've got a choice between Action Adventure, Action Horror, and Action Thriller. I will endeavor to see Action movies behind curtains 2, 6, & 7. (though #6 is at another theatre... and it might be the best film of the three!)

*translated Panic in the High Seas **translated Announced Death ***translated Test of Faith


Sirdar said...

What? No Silver City? If you didn't know....there isn't one in WEM anymore either.

Zaak said...

I'm shocked to hear that there's no more Silver City! Were they just not making LOTS of money or were they not able to cover costs? I know those Cineplex Odeons that popped up a few years ago probably put a dent into their profits - and those $8 tickets you can get through AMA.

I ended up watching 28 Days Later, Pirates 3, and Music and Lyrics.