No Pets Allowed... No Pets Needed

When it gets dark, the toads come out, and so does Blaise.

A flashlight is commandeered and the creatures are probed.

The toad is the usual main attraction and Blaise enjoys ordering them around.

Tonight's beetle is a bonus. It's BIG. And relatively quick too.
(You can see it in the second photo in the middle)

Acadia is more comfortable with tamer, plusher organisms.


Sirdar said...

Curiosity is a wonderful thing in a little boy. Hope he learns lots by watching the "wildlife".

GrandmaDeb said...

I'm so grateful for these glimpses into Blaise and Acadia's life in Guatemala. I used to love toads and frogs...(not bugs so much though!)Does Blaise try to catch them? Fun to see Acadia awake with all the soft little animals ...(Blaises' menagerie of plush puppets :) ) THANKS!!