Early Morning Rain

I've been so messed up by this quick trip to Guatemala City. We got up at 4:30 AM to pick up Tureena at the airport and I can't nap, so I've been passing out early in the evening ever since. This means I wake up early; this morning it was 5:30.

It was just dawning and there was rain. The temperature, light, humidity, sounds of birds chirping, fog in the mountains, and being alone. It just brought me back to so many other mornings in the woods growing up, standing on our patio in Montreal, walking to the beach on Carlos, packing up the tent on the Mackenzie or on the bike trip, delivering the newspaper at CUC, and on and on. Mornings all over the world are awe-inspiring. Add rain, and you have purity.

The atmosphere was so perfect, I had to indulge in one of my current favorite passtimes: pissing off the back step.


jefferyjustin said...

I too enjoy mornings.
especially over water.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking ,"Wow what a great blog, so thoughtful and beautiful" and then you pissed... very funny actually!

dawn said...

I love the early mornings also; just not enough to get up in the morning. Actually, I have done a lot of cycling in the morning the last number of summers and so enjoy it. The best part of doing a driving vacation is getting up early to start out. The air, the sounds, the light, I can relate to. Haven't experience the back step thing though, and likely won't add it to my list of things I want to do before I die.

Heather said...

Nice. It's definitely a boy thing.

Sirdar said...

I was getting the emotion from your description and then you pissed of the back step. What did you do to the back step that made it so mad at you? :-)

Debby said...

I was getting this wonderful tranquil feeling , remembering all the wonderful mornings...the smell of the air...the dew....I love opening my deck door and hearing the birds and smelling the air as my coffee brews. ...at that time it never occurs to me that pissing off the backstep would add to this wonderful experience...(if I was still living in the woods in N.B. it might have happened in an outhouse though)