Mr. Underpants Nosecheese

Oh yes! That is my son sticking cheese up his nose. I witnessed moments later as he popped the cheese into his mouth, followed by a satisfying "Mmmmm!"

I just placed the heavy bundle of joy in his crib with his bottle after bathing and dressing him. I'm amazed that even now, 15.5 months after his birth, Blaise is able to demonstrate a new skill or expression or sound or level of understanding every single day. He'll get things we ask him for and bring them to us. He knows how to turn on the TV. He stacks stuff to stand on so that he can hit the keys on the keyboard and "help Papa." He releases one hand from the bottle to put it in a sleeve. He braces himself on me while I undress him standing up. He obeys when I tell him he shouldn't do something. How amazing he is!

This is my dirty underwear. He plucked it up and stuck his head through it all by himself. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!


Marta said...

I know how it feels to be a proud parent. Every litte thing the learn just amazes us. Keep it up Blaise.

April said...

I do think they're smarter then they're given credit... no blank slates in Blaise!

Sirdar said...

Cheese up the nose probably just adds flavour. Maybe try a different brand of cheese and he may not think he has to do that anymore :-)

Hey...I am having issues posting to your blog. I just figured it out. I can post to people who have converted to blogger beta but not people who haven't. You haven't. I just figured out that I can post by using the "Other" button and typing my name. Hope they get that fixed.

Debby said...

I thought I had commented on this blog right after you posted it. I guess not....but it has been on my mind alot since you posted it. How cool it is when little ones start doing things and you realize they've been whatching and absorbing all this imformation for when they are physically capable of doing it. Blaise is a riot! I can't wait to see him at Christmas...and I'll keep plenty of cheese on hand....and keep my underwear off the floor.