Comment Olympics Update

Back in June, I posted the frontrunners in the Zaakistan Blog Comment Olympics. Currently, the positions have changed very little...

running away with 92 comments
Sirdar (going strong)

with 41 comments
littledeb (gaining)

tied with 38 comments each
kevininspace (slipping, but recently married...) and RobtheRocket

Recently, I've discovered that gross or bigot blog posts generate the most comments. Nice. Thanks everyone for reading and commenting. I enjoy reading all of your blogs too.


Sistah Girl said...

Shoot. I want a medal.

Anonymous said...

Well...maybe your grossly bigoted posts are the most comment worthy? I don't know...just guessing :-)

Keep bloggin!!

Aimée said...

Do I have to be on Danny's team?


Marta said...

I guess I need to start commenting more :). I defenetly want a medal :).

Kevin said...

Unknown, 'til now Zaak, is that we too are keeping count of your post themes. After 10 gross posts, we make a video montage of all the photos and post it on YouTube. After 50, we're putting up a billboard in Silicon Valley, just like Google did.