k-os' new album

I bought k-os' third album Atlantis - Hymns for Disco last night on iTunes 7 and now I'm burning a hip-hop fever all by myself. Listen! I'm not at all into the mainstream porno hip-hop, the stuff that's currently strangling top 40 radio. But k-os has thoughtful lyrics and the music makes me sweat and he samples so many genres:
Reggae in Mirror in the Sky
Blues in The Rain
Rock in Valhalla (with Sam Roberts)
Gospel in Sunday Morning
Folk in Highway 7 and The Ballad of Noah
Ska in FlyPaper
Classic Rock in Born to Run and Equalizer
Rap in AquaCityBoy
Disco in Black Ice - Hymn for Disco

I'm really enjoying an old album by Bruce Cockburn called "In the Falling Dark" as well. Gorgeous music from the 70's.


saison said...

Hey, Sorry to tell you this but
K-OS is comming to Edmonton in the next few weeks. I thought of going... I am going to the James Blunt concert on Nov.2 :)

Sistah Girl said...

K-OS is fabulous. Live in concert he's great. In person- a bit "intersting". Incredible beats and lyrics.

Zaak said...

Saison, no one asked you.
Sistah, thanks for rubbing it in.

April said...

Cool, I just heard an interview with him on CBC radio, freestyle. You can check it if you want.