Low Charge

Battery died in the car yesterday, lights were left on. Amber got some jumper cables and those didn't work - I think they were too thin, but I didn't know that this morning.

This morning, the mechanic, Oscar, made a house call on foot with his plastic grocery bag of wrenches. He checked the timing belt. He checked the fuses. He carried the battery to the gas station where they charged the battery in an hour. He carried the battery back and put it in. Car started and he checked the alternator which was good too. The battery is just not very good.

How much did it cost? Q30. That's about $4.75CDN.


Danny B said...

Sounds like a good deal. Do you think he would make house calls to Canada? If not, I'll see if CAA can tow me to Guatamala next time I'm in trouble.

But if you needed a part changed, would it have cost as much, but taken 7 weeks to get the part? Hmmmm.

Sirdar said...

Next part that breaks down on my vehicles...you will be getting an email with a credit card number so you can send the new part to Canada. The difference in prices between our countries is astounding!!

Sistah Girl said...

My car died last week. do you think you can bring some parts over at Christmas? I can afford $4.75