So. I walk out of the office this afternoon. Pull out my keys to unlock my bike and someone has jammed something into the lock so that the key can not be used. Fortunately I have a metal saw on my Swiss Army Knife. Seven Long Minutes.

Spent 3 long days this week handing out prescribed medication to infants, children, adults and elderly people in Chicoy. Aside from vitamins, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen, I passed out the most meds for worms, scabies, and coughs. The cough syrup (and everything else for that matter) was distributed in sandwich bags so that the people wouldn't be tempted to sell their medicine.

Merle, one of the men from the New Brunswick team that left this morning, spent 20 minutes with me at my house showing me what I could do to lower my power bill and get more dependable power througout the house. One of the main things was stringing 10-gauge wire from the meter to the house (about 40 feet), replacing the 12-gauge that is there. Adding another 2 breakers is also on the list. I just replaced 3 burnt out bulbs with 3 flourescent ones too. The incandescent bulbs (touting a 1 year guarantee) burn out very quickly.

This dude cracks me up. I love this dude.

Tonight Amber is "letting" me watch The Fellowship of the Ring. I haven't seen any of the trilogy since my birthday last year when I watched all three extended versions back to back. Oh! That was sweet! I've been aching to see the the films since last February, but my DVDs were stolen, so I couldn't until late August when Rick Mutch, bless him, gave me his set. I've been busy for the last month, so this is the first opportunity I have to spend 210 minutes in front of the tube.

I mentioned a few posts ago that I went to a naturopathic doctor. One of my tasks is to go off of a variety of foods to see if I am intolerant of some of them. I picked the hardest one first: DAIRY. For the past 10 days I have resisted eating cheese and yoghurt and arroz con leche. Monday night was especially difficult where my supper was cheese tayuyos with a rice and milk drink. I made it through, noticing very little difference in my body. Today I binged on goats milk and in 2 more days I get to binge on cow milk products.

My big jobs right now, aside from working with the short-term-teams (only 2 more left this year) are: 1-Produce a promotional video for the child sponsorship program. 2-Produce a gift catalog that can be distributed this winter so people can bless some of the poor families in Tactic with stoves, cement floors, laying hens, etc... 3-Finish translating 400 letters from kids to their sponsors and get the last 33 photos of them up to Canada for printing and mailing.

Hoping for another episode of Law and Order (it's the only show I watch) on The Universal Channel, I ended up watching the premiere of Psych. I laughed the whole 90 minutes and I'm looking forward to next Wednesday night for the second episode. The show is kind of like a Sherlock Holmes meets the Hardy Boys meets Scrubs. Kind of corny, but hilarious! Apparently, it's starting its second season in January, so I'm behind the times. I remember loving the Edison Twins when I was young.


Sirdar said...

Sounds like fun and games down there. I think the guy tried to do the Bic pen trick. It was shown on TV I think this spring how you can open one of those locks by jamming a Bic pen where the key goes.

Don't they have home electrical standards down there?

Zaak said...

Yeah, I have to get a better lock.

Electrical standards... yes. If the lightbulb goes on, then it passes.

Betsy Flynn said...

Hey Zaak!

400 letters... sounds like you might benefit from http://babelfish.altavista.com/

I use it - native speakers of French and Italian find many mistakes, but it may speed up your work if you only have to type in and fine tune the results.

Hope it helps!
Con amore,
Aunt Betsy