We're back. It's good to be back. It's really great to be back.

Thought I'd post some one sentence anecdotes from the trip:

*Blaise forced a mechanical Barbie to dance with him.
*I completed more than 40 Sudoku puzzles on the plane, train, and at Mémere's.
*I enjoyed Indian, Lebanese, Guatemalan, Italian, Japanese, Acadian, and Québecois food on the trip.
*I loaded a taxi at the Aurora airport in Guatemala City with our 9 pieces of luggage and then promptly unloaded it after the driver quoted a price triple what the standard rate is.
*We were pleasantly suprised that despite connection times of 40 and 50 minutes, all of our luggage made it with us on our 3-flight return trip on American Airlines.
*Went to the beach (Atlantic Ocean) only once though it was 10 minutes away from us for 8 days (because it was windy, but mostly because we were lazy).
*We did some shopping and eating and business on the block facing Dawson College the day after the shootings.
*I managed to restrain myself and bought 26 films on DVD during this brief stay in Canada.
*Visited a naturopathic doctor in Moncton and was given sulphur pills, flax, and baby bum balm as my remedies.
*I rallied a mini-uprising (which will express itself tomorrow morning via phone calls to a head office) at the fingerprinting department of the Montréal RCMP building because the guy doing it took 90 unannounced minutes for a lunch break during an 8am-2pm shift (punk).
*Got off at 10 different subway stations in Montreal and took 5 different buses.
*I went to Kevin's bachelor party.
*Took Blaise on his first canoe trip, up and down the little river behind Mémere's.
*Despite my best intentions, I watched only 23 films (8 features, 8 shorts, 7 documentaries) at the Film Fest plus about 6 that I walked out of early on.
*The radiator and waterpump quit on my father's car on our 10 hour trip to New Brunswick so we spent the night in Fredericton.
*Blaise was frequently mistaken to be a baby girl in Canada, dispelling our belief that Guatemalan's couldn't tell because they weren't used to seeing blond babies.
*After filming for two weeks on our handycam, I discovered we were trying to record on a head-cleaner tape (shocking!).
*About 95 people saw my film at the festival.
*I spent an entire afternoon walking around downtown Montreal looking for the special DVD+R discs that I'm going to produce my DVDs on - only to find them first thing the next morning.
*I didn't read 1 page in either of the 2 books I brought with me.
*Blaise's bottom would not accept the suppository we tried to give him on the overnight train.
*I've lost the keys to the case I just bought for my video camera, after locking it of course.

More happened, my weak mind isn't able to remember much more than this at the moment, perhaps I'll add a few more as they come to me.


Sirdar said...

I love the head cleaner tape comment. Once shot a whole bunch of pictures at a Canada vs. Sweden hockey game. All 36 pics on one frame. The film wasn't put in correctly I guess...

Was the sulphur pills, flax, and baby bum balm for...you? :-)

Debby said...

So Glad you are home safe, with all the misshaps, and interesting experiences to write about!There is no place like home, eh? Back to tortillas and black beans,Blaise! yum!!

Zaak said...

Yeah - the "meds" are all for me - not necessarily for my bum though.

Lorne, I did something similar 13 years ago in Ukraine. I shot the same roll of film twice, so everything was double exposed. I was not a happy camper.

It is good to be home and to be home safe. A certain calm takes over when I enter my home.

Well... back to trying to pick the lock to my camera case.

Kevin said...

W00T! Bachelor Parté!
Thanks so much for being there. It was great. I also loved those black bean and cheese fried things you guys made. So... good!