Kissy Face

Blaise got a haircut from his old man tonight. Amber says he looks older without his little curls. I think he looks right brilliant!

A new habit of kissing has overtaken my son. The day we arrived in Tactic after our trip, Blaise kissed Hania about 12 times (she didn't move a muscle). Hania is one too, her parents house sat for us. Now, he kisses me and Amber all the time. It's pretty sweet.


littledeb_04@yahoo.ca said...

Blaise is a "big boy" now! i would love to have one of his kisses! He is very sweet! Still very cute even without his curls....did you save any curls in a baggie??

Zaak said...

He sure is big. I feel kind of awkward changing his diaper.

Amber kept a lock of hair, yeah.

April said...

Hmm, his hair looks darker now. I bet he'll have Amber's hair color

Heather said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your ramblings about your trip to Canada. And a HUGE congrats on your movie being shown for many to see!! How absolutely exciting!! You may have inspired Colin. He's forever videoing our life. But one small detail he doesn't do is EDIT! I keep telling him it's not fun to sit and fast forward. He says in years to come we'll enjoy all the tidbits. Sure.
Oh and thanks for comments about my Rooster. Yes, it is sad. We have another coming soon. Have a lovely weekend:)

Sirdar said...

They say practise makes perfect!!