Scribing by Light

Carl tells me about this new-fangled DVD burner that burns images onto the top of DVD+Rs. I decid this would be a good investment for Zaakistan Productions. I go to go buy one of these burners for my Mac in Moncton, NB and there are none, so I have Carl ship one to me in Montreal. I wander the wet streets of Montreal looking for the special DVD+Rs to take back with me (I'm certain these things aren't available in Tactic). After 9 stores and nothing, I arrive at a second Future Shop and it's really hopping. I look around and I don't see what I am looking for, so I log onto a computer there and I find out that this is the only Future Shop in Montreal that has some Lightscribe DVD+R. I talk to the disk department guy and he says "If you can't find it, neither can I." Nice. I give up and have supper with Gabriel. He tells me of a store (Micro Bytes) on Saint Jacques that I should check out. The next morning I do, and I buy the last 6 packs of 10 there.

Early this morning, I finally get the right combination of factors in DVD Studio Pro to burn a final copy of my selling DVD of "Strength and Honour." It looks sharp on the TV. I try to burn an image onto the top of a DVD and it doesn't work. I'm told by LaCie support that I need the software updates, two of them (750KB and 1.3MB). No problem, if I have a good internet connection, which I don't. So between office errands, I drop into a internet lab that I've never tried before and ask to hook up my PowerBook - after some delay and bewilderment, they let me and I download the updates.

Now, I'm home and there is just 7 of the 21 minutes left to burn the first DVD label.



Kevin said...

This is really cool. I had no idea that you could do this; is it new?

I'm curious. From what I can tell, you need three things for it to work.
1- Special DVD burner
2- Special DVD-R disks
3- Special software (comes with the DVD burner?)

Is this right?

Zaak said...

Yep, pretty much. The software comes with the burner and this one takes DVD+R disks with lightscribe (a special coating on the top of the disk that allows it to burn the pictures).

It's been around since March I think. But judging by the availability of the disks in Montreal... I don't think it's hit big time yet. It may not hit the big time - a consumer colour labeller will come out soon probably.

Sirdar said...

So am I to assume that the copy sold to your fans will have this new picture on the DVD?