Royal Blood

Beginning 46 generations ago:

Pippin of Landen I (b.580)
Saint Begga
Pippin the Middle of Herstal II (b.635)
Charles Martel (b.686)
Pepin the Short of Neustria III (b.714)
Charlemagne - Holy Roman Emperor (b.742)
Pépin d'Italie I (b.773)
Adélaïde d'Italie
Rothilde d'Italie
Boniface d'Italie III (m.875)
Adelbert d'Italie II (m.915)
Béranger d'Italie II (m.936)
Adalbert d'Italie III (m.955)
Othon-Guillaume de Bourgogne (m.975)
Renaud de Bourgogne I (m.1023)
Guillaume (dit Tête Hardie) de Bourgogne I (m.1040)
Gisèle le Bourgogne-Ivrée
Adélaïde de Savoie
Pierre de Courtenay I (m.1152)
Pierre de Courtenay II (m.1193)
Eléonore de Courtenay
Philippe de Montfort II (m.1244)
Eléonore de Montfort-L'Amaury (b.1260)
Jeanne de Vendöme (b.1280)
Jean de Sully II (b.1300)
Louis de Sully I (b.1330)
Marie de Sully heiress de Craon (b.1360)
Georges de la Tremouille (b.1386)
Marguerite de la Tremouille (b.1425)
Hector de Salazar (b.1450)
Sieur de Salazar
Hector de Salazar (b.1530)
Marye de Salazar (b.1560)
Charles-Amador Saint-Étienne de la Tour (b.1593)
Marie Saint-Étienne de la Tour (b.1654)
Alexandre LeBorgne de Belleisle (m.1707)
Marie LeBorgne de Belleisle (b.1717)
François "Niganne" Robichaud (b.1752)
Anselme Robichaud (b.1780)
Anselme Robichaud (b.1821)
Louis Robichaud (b.1857)
Alban Robichaud (b.1895)
Uldège Robichaud (b.1923)
Ronald Robichaud (b.1950)
Zaak Robichaud (b.1976)
Blaise Robichaud (b.2005)

This of course is one strand of more than 35 trillion that go back 45 generations before Blaise. In other strands there is much royalty from such places as Macedonia, Sweden, Ukraine, Czech, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Frisia, Hungary, Abénaquises Nations.

King Louis VI the Fat , king of France in the early 12th century, and his king fathers also make the list, Louis going back to 27 generations before me. "Frank"ly I'm glad that I got out of the line of kings early on.

I accidentally fell on a goldmine of information when researching Francois "Niganne" Robichaud who was born 3 years before the Acadian deportation. I discovered that as soon as you start getting into the noble lineage, it's easy to find ancestors (both mothers and fathers) as they only married among each other (fortunately they branched into many many kingdoms) and impeccable records were kept to keep the lines clean.


Amber said...

Goodbye spending time with my husband - who knew I'd have to compete with a bunch of deceased people! (Just kidding honey, I'm glad you found all this ifo for the fam tree:)

Sirdar said...

Amber...Lets hope it doesn't go to his head...being Royal Blood and all :-)