Fascism in Canada

One aspect of fascism is "forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism." My Prime Minister, the Honourable Stephen Harper, has decided (I'm a bit behind in this, I confess) to not answer questions posed by the press, unless he gets to choose who asks. 5 months ago, he issued a statement saying that during press conferences, only those reporters who were on a list would be able to ask questions - AFTER HE WENT THROUGH THE LIST AND CHECKED OFF THOSE HE FELT COMFORTABLE ANSWERING. This is unbelievable.

The press responded by banding together and no one adding their name to the list. They have also tried contacting the Prime Minister's Office for answers to particular questions, but never get a response. So, the PM of Canada is going about his business quietly and the people he governs do not know what is going on. Maybe wiretaps and a gestapo are in the works? Hmmm?


April said...

Around Easter there was a cartoon depicting the Easter bunny at the bedside of Harper asking him questions... it seems reporters have to do the impossible to get any answers. If he won't even answer questions from local reporters how will he stand up for Canadians in international circles?

Sirdar said...

You knew I wouldn't leave this one alone :-) For the record it isn't the whole media that he has the issue with, it is the so-called "press gallery". The local news people have to do the same thing but they do because they want to "report" the news, not be the un-official opposition. Here are a few looks at what some of the issues are.

Please note that the Liberals also had issues with the press gallery in the last election as noted in this CTV article:
Harper to avoid national media, claiming bias

Read some of the comments at the end of the article:
Harper's distrust of media not helping him

Here is a prime example of why Harper is doing what he is doing:
CBC caught misreporting Harper statement

I think the biggest problem Harper has throughout this media thing is that he is telling the truth. It may cost him in the next election...much like the Liberals found out in the last election. The "press gallery" media does not report the facts, only opinions to sway voters? What do you think?

Sirdar said...

To clarify...when I said "I think the biggest problem Harper has throughout this media thing is that he is telling the truth.", I meant truth about the way the media conducts itself.

Kevin said...

Excellent stuff Sirdar. Don't you love the internet? Now I'm aware of something I wasn't only a few minutes ago.

It seems to me that in the US, White House press coverage, although surely agressive, does a fair job of being unbiassed and doing actual reporting, leaving the spin to the pundits and late night talking heads. Just my impression, nothing more.

Zaak said...

Thanks for the articles Sirdar.

I am not swayed from the point that Harper is avoiding confrontation. I can't ask him pointed questions - I expect reporters of all political views to do that for me. All press is biased, that's understood and that will never change.

I can't pick up a Sun newspaper without shivers running down my spine. It's also no secret that the Journal, Herald, canada.com, Global TV stations, National Post, and heaps of other papers, stations (radio and TV) are owned by CanWest Global Communications so there are some serious corporate financial interests in the works there. Check out this photo of Klein from canada.com (he looks like he's demon possessed) Meanwhile, I never once saw a photo of Chretien or Martin in the Edmonton Sun where they looked normal.

So, yeah, the media disgusts me too - but how else will Canada learn about Harper's evil plans.

Rather than cold shouldering the press, he could face the them and be honest about his policies. If they get spun out of context, he just has to call up some of his big shot friends at one of the media corps.

Sirdar said...

Zaak...do you honestly believe that Harper is going to run the country into the ground? Have you been reading the NDP website again? Evil plans? Sounds like the "hidden agenda" propaganda has worked in some circles..... :-)

Zaak said...

No, there is no hidden agenda. The one that he has presented to Canadians his scary enough. I thought this during his campaign. I disagree with pretty much all of the main philosophies behind his platform. I haven't been reading the NDP website. All I have to do is read the Conservative platform to know I don't like their policies.

What I want reporters to be able to do is to walk the poor lad through some of the consequences of his actions so he, and the rest of Canada can understand what exactly the decisions they make in Parliament mean 1, 5, 10, 50, years down the road for the average Canadian, Canada as a nation, the environment, the poor, the provinces, the homosexuals, the Christians, the immigrants, the armed forces, etc...

Sirdar said...

Well....after reading the newspapers I'm not so sure I want the reporters guiding the PM to do anything. That is why you don't see reporters running the country....there is more to it than their one sided opinion.

Zaak said...

My point is that there is media of every stripe available. If Harper only lets one stripe probe, then Canada is getting a one-sided view of the current government. If liberal and conservative media ask pointed questions, then we can get a clearer and DEEPER understanding of what's going on. I'm a 6 hour flight from Ottawa, I can't personally ask Harper what his long range plan for Afghanistan is or what how he is filling the deficit caused by lowering the GST. I depend on reporters to ask the same questions.

We also have a responsibility as readers. We shouldn't believe everything we read, we should do the same - probe articles and TV news reports for skewed information or views.