Qu'Appelle Valley, SK

The Qu'Appelle Valley in Saskatchewan was once the political centre of the province and the milieu for many of the treaties signed with First Nations in the 19th Century. The valley itself was carved out of the prairie by glacier some time back and it is made up of a string of lakes connected by a river.

We were invited to spend a week at Katepwa Baptist Kamp (KBK) by Chris and Christy where I was the guest speaker for Junior Camp 2. As I mentioned in the previous entry, upon arrival I was recruited to be the videographer too. Chris is the executive director of the camp and a good friend of mine (ain't nepotism great?).

One of the volunteer caretakers at the camp, Ryan, invited Blaise to fish off the dock with him. Ryan caught a perch in about 5 seconds with a tiny hook and a bit of worm. Blaise followed suit by catching 12 fish in the next 45 minutes and another 4 over the following days.

Before leaving, Ryan made a fishing pole for Blaise. I finally caught a couple too on the second to last day.

The camp is right on the shore of Katepwa Lake which is the centre of activity there too. After the campers left on midday Saturday, we had run of the camp with Chris and Christy so we packed some snacks and buzzed into the middle of the lake on the Malibu for some sunning, swimming, tubing and skiing.

Program Director Graham demonstrated his superior skills for us.

I had to demonstrate my old school waterski skills (I was able to both smile and ski at the same time!!).

We feasted Saturday night and then went out on the lake again Sunday morning. Lots of sun!

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Debby said...

Sounds like a seriously great camp time vacation! Blaise must've been thrilled to catch so many fish (no magnets and plastic fish anymore for him!)
Looking forward to hearing more about it all and seeing more photos