Epic Hikes

Since I like to make lists and I was thinking of them when I was hiking the Blue Lakes on Monday, I thought I would draw up a list of some of the memorable hikes I've enjoyed over the years.
  • Kootenay Plains, AB; 1987
  • Wood Bison Trail, Elk Island, AB; 1987
  • Siffleur Falls, AB; 1988, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2005
  • Cape Blomidon, NS; 1992
  • Mount Carleton, NB; 1992 & 1994
  • Mount Washington, BC; 1995
  • Cape Scott, BC; 1995
  • Huftarøy, Norway; 1997
  • Mont Salève, France; 1997
  • Shoreline Trail, Elk Island, AB; 2001
  • Moss Lake Trail, Elk Island, AB; 2002
  • The Chief, BC; 2005
  • Los Tablones, Guatemala; 2006
  • Salto de Chilascó, Guatemala; 2006, 2007, 2008
  • Mountain in Purulhá, Guatemala; 2007
  • Blue Lakes, BC; 2010
My plan is to hike the Appalachian Trail with Blaise when he's 12/13 in 2018 as a rite of passage into manhood (for him, not me). This summer Amber and I are going to do a couple hikes in Waterton. One of my life goals is to summit mountains in 20 countries (so far I have Canada, Norway, and France). I'd also like to hike the West Coast Trail one day.


Amber said...

That's an impressive list babe!

Michelle said...

Plan a trip to South Africa and we will take you to a mountain to summit! :-)

Zaak said...

Amber, you're an impressive list!

Mish, I'm sold on going to S.A. Just had to wait for the soccer hooligans to leave.

Salome said...

What us it about lists? I get right obsessed with Them too.
Think we could go the west coast trail together?