Dean Jones is Done

Edmonton's Shine FM DJ and employee for the past 9 years, Dean Jones has been retired. He devoted his life to radio during this time and has been a central fixture to this station since he was brought on for an internship in 2001. He has also served Shine FM in nearly every capacity available and therefore understands radio inside and out.

He posted a retirement message on the station blog, but it was removed by the managers (I can't figure out). I am posting it here since I thought it to be heartfelt, from June 21:
I'm officially retiring from radio at the ripe age of 34. My jersey will be hung up in the rafters. It's been a great run and I have no regrets. There were so many great moments while a worked at Shine. The ones that stand out for me were playing for the Shine FM hockey and baseball teams. Those were great times! I want to thank Corri Allan (former PD for AM 930 The Light) for taking a chance on me 9 years ago. I want to thank the past and present staff of Touch Canada Broacasting who have been so entertaining over the years. But most of all I want to thank the listeners, cause that's why we do what we do. Now what? I'm going back to school in September to become an Ultra Sound or X-Ray tech. The next page in life begins right now..............Dean Jones
Congrats, brother, on completing a career successfully.


Debby said...

Why on earth would they remove his retirement message!? It's very well said and up beat. I'm impressed that he is so open to changing things and learning new things rather than stay at one job for the rest of his life.

Dean's Coworker said...

I believe that Dean actually pulled that blog post himself... not too sure why...
We do wish him all the best in this next chapter of his life. He's going to be missed both around the office and from the ShineFM airwaves.

Zaak said...

Yeah, Dean's Coworker, he didn't pull the blog. His account was deleted by Shine FM and that automatically deleted all of his posts.