Film Making Blitzerama

So I'm the speaker at this camp (KBK) and I also was given the opportunity to do the cabin videos as the video guy is off this week. Cabin videos involve making a short film (1-3 minutes each) with their cabin. So, from Tuesday afternoon through to Friday afternoon I have filmed (about 1 hour each cabin) and then edited with sound effects, titling and music seven short films (2-7 minutes each).
1. The Brothers of Ramses (think Nacho Libre)
2. The Hunt for Lee S. (the maintenance guy who eats children)
3. The Took (the camp's legendary child abductor)
4. American Idol
5. The Bachelor
6. The Bachelorette 2010 Twilight Saga
7. Survivor
I found this pretty funny correlation: 
Girls make movies based on TV Shows.
Guys make violent movies.
I wish I could post them to YouTube, but privacy issues etc. prevent me from doing so. If you come to my house I can present you with some of the best!

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Debby said...

can't wait to see them sounds hilarious