Meet the Duchesse de Bourgogne

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine dropped by for a couple days and brought some fancy beers. The best was a Flanders Red Ale called Duchesse de Bourgogne from the Brouwerij Verhaeghe brewery in Belgium.

It has a slightly sour taste, but a dynamite fruit tone and smooth aftertaste. Absolutely the best beer I have ever had!

I thought the name Bourgogne was a familiar name, so I did a quick search on my family tree and . . .

  • Zaak Robichaud (1976)
  • son of Ronald Robichaud (1950)
  • son of Uldège Robichaud (1923)
  • son of Alban Robichaud (1895)
  • son of Louis Robichaud (1857)
  • son of Anselme Robichaud (1821)
  • son of Anselme Robichaud (1780)
  • son of François Robichaud (1752)
  • son of Marie LeBorgne de Belleisle (1717)
  • daughter of Alexandre LeBorgne de Belleisle (1692)
  • son of Marie Saint-Étienne de la Tour (1654)
  • daughter of Charles-Amadour Saint-Étienne de la Tour (1593)
  • son of Marye de Salazar (1560)
  • daughter of Hector de Salazar (1530)
  • son of Christian de Salazar (1500)
  • son of Hector de Salazar (1450)
  • son of Marguerite St. Fargeau de la Tremouille (1425)
  • daughter of Georges de la Tremouille (1386)
  • son of Marie de Sully heiress de Craon (1360)
  • daughter of Louis de Sully I (1330)
  • son of Marguerite de Bourbon (1300)
  • daughter of Louis de Bourbon I (1279)
  • son of Beatrice de Bourbon-Bourgogne (1260)
  • daughter of Seigneur Jean de Bourgogne Bourbon (1231)
  • son of Hugh Thessalonica IV, Duke of Bourgogne and his wife Yolande de Dreux (1212) who would have been the Duchesse de Bourgogne.
Only 25 generations back! No wonder I have such a strong affinity for this kind beverage.

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Debb said...

cool! blood is so strong!