Traveling Light

Last weekend we drove to Copan, Honduras (again) to show April, my sister-in-law some of the sights. I skipped out on the ruins and took care of Acadia during that time so Amber could spend some quality time with her sister. Then in the afternoon, we headed to the El Jaral waterpark. Yippee!! There were three waterslides for adult-sized people and I hit all of them twice and then assumed some parental responsibility. . .

. . . like watching this sad little one. Acadia had a fever and a runny nose our whole time in Copan. Otherwise she was fine.

I also took Blaise around until I smacked my head a good one on a hanging bridge. It's still tender 5 days later.

Some orchids were in bloom at the butterfly orchid place. Most of the orchids bloom in January and February, some for just one day and other for a week or a month. We were lucky to see these ones.

One way home I stopped to see where the stoves I've been delivering and installing are made on the outskirts of Chiquimula, Guatemala. It was closed.

Also on the way home, we stopped in to see April's sponsor child, Byron. It took us 4 tries before he was home finally.

His older brother was flying a homemade kite.

Oh, and one of my recent favorite songs is Traveling Light by Eric Clapton from the album Reptile.


Anonymous said...

It looks like some of the people on your trip had a good time. Too bad about your head. Poor Acadia, I hope she is feeling better now. It must be awesome for the kid and the sponsor to meet each other.

Anonymous said...

OUCH!! That bump looks like it was pretty sore. Good job on being a good dad while mom and her sister get to hang out together. You should be getting a 'star' for that one :-)

Thanks for putting up the award. It looks pretty nice on there :-)

jefferyjustin said...

that clapton album has it's ups and downs. I like "modern girl" quite a bit.