Family Update

My secret to having such gorgeous kids: marrying a Wonder Woman.

My son is a talking machine. He currently practices conversation skills and inflection. He's 2 1/2 today.

My daughter tuns 9 months today. She's funny.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos, the kids are sure growing. Amber looks great as usual; it is tough not to be just a little envious. Oh, I shake it off, but it crops up once in awhile.

Debby said...

I love love love new photos! Thanks....I can't wait to meet Acadia in person and make her laugh....and carry on another conversation with Blaise! And Amber you are definately Wonder Woman! you look great!

Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman or the Bionic Woman would be a good choice for a mate. Glad you hear you got Wonder Woman :-)

Love the picture of Blaise. He looks so much like a trouble maker that it is cute.

Acadia is sure growing. Love her blue eyes. I have blue eyes :-)

Happy Birthday to the two kids.