Sixteen days after my internet was cut off for one-day repairs, I have internet again. Sort of. It cuts out a lot more now and as of yet, I can't update my website significantly.

My ISP moved to another town, so the antennas that propel the internet around town had to be moved. My ISP used to live across the road from me, so I had the best signal out of anyone. Now the satellite dish is 1 km away and the signal goes from an antenna there to another 400 M, then to another 800 M and then to my access point 200 M. The signal diminishes with each antenna: 75% X 66% X 50% = 25%

I also had to invest into a new access point as the one provided by my ISP burnt out (who knows how) and a new antenna of 9 dB. Last night we got it running and finally got our emails. I had been checking mine occasionally at the office and at internet caf├ęs.

Yesterday, while attempting to catch up on three blog entries, a gravel truck took the power out of the school that houses antennae #2. So we were without internet for 24 hours again after a mere 14 hours with it.

Life goes on. It forces me to do other things like washing the car and learning the rules to LeTarot (a French card game) again. (I should really get to my documentary and to reading my books)


Anonymous said...

That would be really frustrating. You don't miss what you haven't had, but you have had the internet and close, so losing it would be annoying. I hope it gets more consistent.

Anonymous said...

I could imagine the frustration you are having. If ours goes down here...it would be devastating. No emails!! No phone!!! No blogging!! AAAAAhhh!!

Maybe you should start your own ISP?