sleeping with the creature

Besides the scabies that we have had a close encounter with in recent weeks, I have had the unique opportunity of sleeping with my son as we have been on holidays: 2 nights in Honduras and 2 nights in Antigua Guatemala. When we sleep in hotels, I am the designated sleep companion to Blaise and Amber sleeps with Acadia.

Blaise can't fall asleep unless everyone goes to sleep - if there is light, conversation, any opportunity to play, he stays awake.

Blaise shifts and turns and wiggles and sits up and crawls deep under the covers for about 40 minutes while I lay still and remind him to stop moving, lay down, and go to sleep to which he replies "oh, yeah, hee hee, sorry."

Blaise talks to himself under his breath and sometimes out loud in his sleep.

Blaise kicks me in the gonads at least five or six times in the night.

Blaise snuggles with me before finally drifting off, but this includes repeated karate chops to the windpipe.

Blaise falls out of bed if no one blockades him in on the bed. I know this.

Gotta hang on to these precious moments.


Anonymous said...

Your right, you gotta hang on to those moments for in no time he will be slinging jabs about your age and not giving hugs. They grow up so fast.

Anonymous said...

"Blaise kicks me in the gonads at least five or six times in the night"

Sure saves the trip to the doctor :-)

Hope the holidays are good!!

Anonymous said...

Oh...and there is an award for you...just waiting for you.

Aimée said...

Thanks for the best belly laugh of the day. Precious moments, indeed. I guess you can't very well kick him back now, eh?

Debby said...

I laughed so hard at the description of Blaise sleeping...and his comments...I really enjoyed his phone call on New Years eve morning...what a funny guy! I can't wait to snuggle him!