Sweet Mother of Death

I don't like it that parents (a majority) in Guatemala give their infants candy.

I like it even less when they give candy to my infants. Back off sugar pushers. I want my children to have
  • appetites for non sweet foods
  • whole and white teeth
  • bodies they can run with
  • good metabolism


Anonymous said...

Point taken, unfortunately I am not one to offer children candy. I do give my kids candy, but they are older and will and do buy it themselves. I agree, too much candy is not a good thing. I also think your kids will grow up knowing healthy choices and living by your example, so you don't need to worry too much about their futures.

Anonymous said...

¡cAutorización... no daré el caramelo a sus cabritos más!!

But Zaak....candy is sooooooo tasty :-)