Tactic Resident

In Guatemala, each adult is issued an ID document from the municipality where they live. I'm not sure if they have to get a new one when they move (this doesn't happen too frequently). So, because we are now residents of Guatemala, part of the process is getting a C├ędula de Vecindad. The information contained therein is
  • photo of serious b/w me
  • me right thumb print
  • me autograph
  • me wife's name
  • me ma's name
  • me pa's name
  • me skin, hair, eye colours
  • whether me hair is straight or curly
  • me height
  • me date of birth
  • me birthplace
  • capabilities of being able to read and write
  • me military history
  • They spelled Amber's mom's name wrong on hers.

    I was very pleased with the efficiency of the Tactic Municipal bureaucracy. We got our cedula's issued in one day (after a week of getting our residency certificates done up (extensive 4 page legal document for each of us). I asked the woman who does them up how many she made today. Three. I guess they aren't too busy.

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    Sirdar said...

    Must not be like trying to get a passport here. Now that Canadians are pseudo terrorists, we have to have one to fly to the US. I think in a couple of years we need one to drive across the border. Oh well...