I magically transformed into a 31-year-old man yesterday. It was a refreshing experience and I highly recommend it for all you 40+ year-old men (and the curious among the women). I was asked if I felt older, and the answer is yes. The distance from my teens and twenties is greater now and it takes a long time to remember some memories that I thought would be so important to me.

My birthday was made special by several people. I received cards in the post, a phone call, ecards in email, comments on my previous blog post, messages on MySpace, money, a Guatemalan soccer jersey, 2 DVDs, a couple packages I haven't gotten yet, a birthday supper, and a getaway. I feel very loved.*

The birthday supper and getaway were loving given to me by my dear sweet lifemate (ha ha - lifemate, that's a funny word). She prepared a lovely pumpkin soup, chicken quesodillas, and a vicious mango-strawberry-chocolate trifle. Then after our guests left, she whisked me off to the Hotel del Bosque where she surprised me with a quiet night together away from the highway and away from Blaise (who managed the house with a little help from Mariah).

BIG THANKS to Amber, Mom, Papa, Saison & Dean, Salomé, Grandma, Mémere, April, Mariah, Ruth & Walter, Lorne, Chels, Kevin, and Blaise (who kissed me goodbye last night before I left and helped blow out my candles).


Sirdar said...

Sounds awesome!! You are definitely loved!! Enjoy all your gifts that your received.

Debby said...

What a wonderful birthday!! The supper sounded lovely! I would have loved to be the babysitter but am grateful for Mariah. Was it his first night without Mama and Papa? How did he do?
Anyway, glad that you had such a great 31st!

Amber said...

I'm glad you had a good day, I enjoyed making it special for you:) You deserve it!

jefferyjustin said...

hey, happy birthday!