Baby's Name

Amber and I are still up in the air for a boy's first name. I hope we land soon. We have 18 days (+/-) left to decide. The middle name is picked.

A girl's name is easy because we still have the one's we had picked out for our first born if he were a she.

I'm wondering what they will put on this new child's birth certificate. In Guatemala, the child gets the father's first last name and the mother's first last name. If the father does not acknowledge the child, then the child only receives the mother's first last name and has to explain each time he/she is asked for the rest of his life that they have ony one last name. If they don't explain, it is assumed that they were either born out of wedlock or a result of an adulterous affair.

I really don't want the last name to be Robichaud Robichaud as that implies incest. But will I have to disown my daughter or son just so she or he doesn't have to get named twice?

I found the Alberta list of boy names for 2005 (the year Blaise was born). There were 4 newborn Blaises named in Alberta that year. Ethan was the top name that year (243) and it's been the top name in Alberta since 2001.


Sirdar said...

I don't know if I would be the one you would want to look for in names. I like our kids names but they are not the normal run of the mill type. What every you name him/her, it will get lots of love and really that is all that matters.

Debby said...

I'm surprised there were that many Blaise's born that year in Alberta! i'd never heard that name before you had Blaise.
I was looking in a baby name book a few weeks back...if you want I can look around somemore and give you some ideas. A name is important...and it is nice if it is unique. Although I think my name suits me....there are so many other's with it.

Amber said...

Can't we just name him (if it is a him:) 1st name 2nd name Robichaud Reding?

Zaak said...

We've settled on a boy's name now. Basically switched the middle we had decided upon to the first name and one of the first names to a middle name. They are WILD!

Sirdar, I like your kids names. You definitely put a lot of thought into them and I think it makes them unique. Zaak, Saison and Salomé aren't run of the mill names either.

Debby, good choices on naming your kids.

Amber, if we give him/her 2 last names here, they have 2 last names in Canada and on all their Canadian documents too. I remember kids in my schools growing up who were siblings but had different last names. What a pain!