A book for the ministry has been commissioned so they can use it for promotion in Canada this fall. We discussed what photos to use and came up with a list of 25 specific shots we need. I get to take those photos. So, I've been cruising around the countryside - when I get a minute or two - and snapping away. Last Tuesday, my handy little 1GB USB memory stick fell out of my pocket while on a photocapade. I retraced some of my steps, but alas, did not find my green lovely (the stick was green). I've noticed also that Guatemalans have a hard time posing for photos. They prefer to look very serious rather than with a look of joy. Smiling with teeth showing is also very difficult - they end up grimacing when they try. I wonder what makes a culture photogenic.

I was very fortunate this morning at 7 am to find a girl in grade 6 walking with her 2 little brothers to school. They were in uniform and so I asked them if they would mind if I took their picture. They were very gracious and followed instructions very well. They even walked really slowly for me and walked the same stretch of dirt road 3 times for me.

I was rather UNfortunate this afternoon when I checked the photos of the Peters family that I took earlier today. Johnny has his eyes crossed in 3 shots and carries a very toothy smile in a host of others, leaving me with about 5 other photos to work with - some of which have closed eyes and other portrait blemishes. Thanks Johnny.

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April said...

Cool, will we be able to look at the photos? Is this just on Guatamala?