New Land

I've known about this for a while, but haven't had a good picture to fit with the story. Now I do.

Impact Ministries had been trying to purchase land for new schools for the past 6 years. The problem was that hardly any land was available and what was available wasn't really nice land or it was insanely expensive. Two pieces were purchased about 2 years ago - one in Chicoy, where our second school just started in January, and another large piece of land in Chijulh√° where another school and other stuff will be built. Our goal however is to build 7 elementary schools and a high school - along with a Bible training centre and a medical clinic.

What's so cool about us not being able to buy land is that just in the past year, 3 very nice and substantially large tracts of land have been given - FREE - to the ministry by communities and towns. And another 2 are in the works (meaning they've given it to us, we just don't have the deeds yet). Pictured above is Erick and Les accepting the deed from the mayor of Tactic and a couple dignitaries. We plan on beginning construction on the clinic and high school this fall or early next year. Pretty fun watching this all unfold before our eyes.

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Great news!!