In the Paper

In today's Edmonton Journal, my family and I are featured on page B3. Amber Shortt wrote an article about us living in Guatemala. She did a fine job. If you want to read the article, you can either buy a paper if you're local enough, or you can buy it online ($1) as the link directs you - you have 1 week to buy it before it becomes unavailable.

How did we end up in the paper? Sirdar tipped off Ms. Shortt at the Journal and she contacted me. Pretty cool. I've already had a couple people email me about it.

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Sirdar said...

Hey you are doing good work. I read another article that she wrote about someone in Africa and thought your story would be a good one for her to write about. It was a good article. Congrats on making the big time news!!

Now to win the award at the Montreal Film Fest and you will be more than famous. Not sure that is what you want but you will be famous anyway.