11 hours of culture shock in Miami

  • "Why is the garbage can so far away from the toilet?"
  • "Why is no one smiling?"
  • "Where are the little corn tortillas?"
  • "Oh the joy! Oh the sweet joy of washing my hands in hot water!"
  • "Have all the roosters died?"
  • "I feel really short."
  • "I didn't have to remind my waiter 3 times to bring my drink?"
  • "Why does no one say 'pase' when I say 'con permiso?'
  • "Where are the diesel fumes? I thought Miami was a big city."
  • "It's 5:30 am, why isn't there a taxi across the street honking his horn for 20 minutes?"
  • "Um, I just downloaded a software update of 8.3 MB in 18 seconds?"
  • "There's a glass in the bathroom. As if I'm going to drink from the tap!!!"
  • "I don't have a cell phone on my hip and no keys in my pocket. Something bad has happened."

  • And 7 of these 11 hours have been asleep!

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    Sirdar said...

    Civilization!! What a culture shock :-) You have to wonder which civilization is more in tune with humanity....