The Weepies / Jon Foreman

Thought I would highlight two of the albums that have been dominating my playlists over the past couple months. The first is a quadruple e.p. set by Jon Foreman, the frontman for Switchfoot. The 24 song album is almost entirely acoustic and many of them emulate Old Testament prophetic verse. Truly some of the most beautiful music ever written. Thanks to Shine FM's Dean Jones (my bro-in-law) for forcefeeding it to me.

The weepies were introduced to me by Chris, a teacher in Regina I met in Guatemala and maintained close ties with. Again, just beautiful music. It's basically a couple who write and sing folk style music. I guess they hit it big a couple years ago and have been going strong. She has a very distinct voice.
Antarctica, my only living relative
Antarctica, I can't wait anymore

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